DIY Owl Baby Shower

Well, that about does it for my Owl Baby Shower!  I have shared with you so many sweet and fun handmade DIY owl ideas.  Of course, there was much more, including games, food, and other details galore, which I simply cannot create tutorials for.

So I will leave you with some pictures and descriptions of other highlights at this DIY Owl Baby Shower.  Please use them as inspiration for your next creative endeavor!


Mommy-to-Be is a nutritionist and eats gluten-free.  So, we created the yummiest, healthiest, menu for her baby shower.  All of the items were homemade by myself and friends.  And it was SERIOUSLY delicious!

  • Gluten Free Quiche, recipe from Budget Bytes
  • (My favorite) Strawberry Salad, recipe from Baked Bree
  • Zuccini and Kale chips, recipe from Mommy-to-Be’s blog Pura Vida Nutritian
  • Gluten Free Pear and Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms, recipe from Yummly
  • Caprese Salad Skewers, recipe from Mimi + Meg
  • BBQ Chicken and Veggie Skewers
  • Frozen Berry Skewers, as a garnish for the champagne






All of the amazing desserts were created by my incredibly talented mother, who flew 1000 miles to help out with the shower!  She made Owl Cake Pops from Bakerella’s Cake Pop Book with gluten-free vanilla cake mix, lemon frosting, and chocolate candies, as well as gluten-free Black Bottom Cupcakes, similar to these, with buttercream frosting.  Then we filled vases with the Mother-to-Be’s favorite candies, such as Swedish Fish and Salt Water Taffy.





We had a number of fun games and activities at the shower, but there were two that were particularly special, 1) Guess Their Age and 2) Birthday Card Time Capsule.

In Guess Their Age, I collected old baby pictures of the Mother-to-Be and Father-to-Be and had their mothers tell me their age in each baby pictures.  In no particular order, I numbered each baby picture on the backside, making a key as I went that stated the picture number with the age of the Mother/Father-to-Be in it.  On the day of the shower we strung the pictures up in number order for all the guests to admire.  Later we played the actual game where each guest got a piece of paper and a pen and guessed the age of the Mother/Father-to-Be in each picture.  The person who guessed the most pictures correctly won!



335In the Birthday Card Time Capsule, I created 54 handmade birthday cards with the birthday age on the front of each card.  Meaning, I create three sets of cards depicting numbers 1-18 on the front.  I did this by cutting out the numbers with colorful paper and gluing them onto blank cards that I purchased at the craft store.  Then as each guest arrived, I handed them one card (again in no particular order), asked the to open it, and write a birthday message to the Baby-to-Be for the age depicted on the card.  So, when a guest received a card that had the number 10 on it, they wrote a birthday message inside the card for the Baby-to-Be’s 10th birthday.  Then I asked each guest to place their card in the envelope, seal it, and write the birthday age on the outside.  After all the cards we finished, I collected them and gave them to the Mother-to-Be and instructed her to have Baby-to-Be open and read the birthday cards on her corresponding birthday.

This activity was a special one as the guests were honored and the Mother-to-Be touched to write to Baby-to-Be future advice and well wishes!  Really such a great hit!





Thank you all for reading and commenting!  And a very special thank you to all who helped out, you know who you are.  This baby shower was a collaborative, collective effort of the Mother-to-Be’s friends who helped to make this day so special!

On a side note, the Baby-to-Be is now two weeks old from the date of this blog post, and as cute and sweet as a button!

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6 thoughts on “DIY Owl Baby Shower

  1. Just a thought for your next baby shower, make an baby advice can and have the guests put baby advice in the can on a index card then drop the advice in the can and when the mom needs some advice about raising her baby she can go to the can and get some. Here is a pic of the can my daughter made for a baby shower with a jungle theme using a planters peanut can and construction paper.

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